Recognizing Evil

Proverbs 27:12

“A prudent man sees evil and hides himself, The naive proceed and pay the penalty.”

Satan has many tricks and one of his most clever is to cover evil over with a veneer of good.

In our day  one of the greatest evils in the world is radical, political Islam that is covered over by a veneer of Islam as strictly a religion. But it is more — Islam is a cultural, religious and political system bent on world domination. A political system of world domination that will use the most hateful, violent, despicable means to spread itself, and is therefore the epitome of evil.

Start a conversation about this and you’ll soon see it’s difficult convincing people that you are NOT against Islam as a religion, you do NOT hate Muslims, you have no problem with Muslims building mosques and practicing their religion BUT you have a major problem with Islam as a system of world domination. And so should they have a major problem with it if they love freedom and the ability to choose their own religion.

It’s impossible to overcome evil if we do not recognize evil.

If you agree it’s necessary to recognize evil, than please take the time to understand a few basic things about Islam as a political system, and its founder Mohammed, his political doctrine and his god, Allah.

Perhaps one of the best educators and most certainly the world’s leading source concerning political Islam is Dr. Bill Warner. He has been studying Islam for 3 decades. Dr. Warner founded the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) and is its director. He has produced a dozen books, including a Koran, a biography of Mohammed and a summary of the political traditions of Mohammed.


Please check out some of these resources:

Bill Warner’s You-Tube Channel

Bill Warners Facebook Page








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