Obama: Born in Kenya or USA? Or both?

On March 9th, 2017 Malik Obama, older half brother of Barack Obama tweeted out a photo of a Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama with the comment:

“Surely. What’s this? “

It’s interesting that Malik Obama chooses the same week as the Wiki-leaks dump of CIA documents to come popping up with this birth certificate, interesting to me anyway because I have long had a theory that ties in with this.

First let me say I believe Barack Hussein Obama WAS ABSOLUTLEY BORN IN HAWAII.

I also believe he was groomed by the CIA from a young age to be President —-but not of the USA. Not at first anyway. I think the original plan was that he serve a couple of terms as a United State Senator from Illinois and then run as president of —– KENYA.

According to this article by Jerome R. Corsi on August 4, 2010 Kenya ratified a new constitution stating that a person no longer has to be born in Kenya to be a citizen by birth as long as either the mother or father is/was a citizen, nor does a person lose their citizenship if they acquire citizenship of another country.

Incidentally, then sitting President, Obama, spent 23 million of US taxpayers money to support the ratification of the new Kenyan constitution— (yeah I thought you’d love that part. )

And of course a president of Kenya has to have Kenyan citizenship by birth. No problem for Obama now that he is no longer the US president and since his father was a Kenyan citizen but up until August 2010 Obama, or any other would be president would have had to actually been born on Kenyan soil, which would be a problem for someone born in Hawaii.

But wait — what if the CIA could create and plant a fake birth certificate? (( — hmmm you think the CIA could do that?))  and of course some story could always be concocted about how Stanley Ann Dunham and Obama Sr came to be back in Kenya when the baby was born.

In other words my theory is the Kenyan birth certificate is a fake, but it’s a “real fake”, perhaps created by the CIA and that was planted in the Kenyan archives back when Obama was supposed to run for president of Kenya.

What happened to change everything in 2007, or some say as early as 2006, when Harry Reid approached Obama about running for President of the United States?

Did the “powers that be” decide America was ready to have a black “hope and change” leader that would create so many problems for America that it would have to culminate in a One World Government, as only they would have the power to solve them?

Did he go rogue? Did Michelle decide she couldn’t tolerate living in Kenya?

I don’t know.

But that’s my theory and it does neatly explain why Obama allowed his book review bio to read “born in Kenya” for 16 years without ever correcting it. (http://eaglerising.com/36921/update-obamas-bio-from-1991-1998-and-2007-all-state-he-was-born-in-kenya/


Also here the AP reported he was born in Kenya.


Could it be Obama wanted people to believe he was born in Kenya?


Here is Joel Gilberts interview with Malik Obama, from April 2015


Its sad when Malik Obama

talks about how he and Barack Obama were so close and now he feels like he and in fact, the entire Kenyan family have been dumped. He clearly doesn’t understand why. Is it possible that once Barack Obama saw he didn’t need them anymore he couldn’t be bothered with them?


I’m just putting it out there. If it resounds with you then take it, no credit needed, if not, then ignore it.