Read The Bible? Me?

Ever hear someone say;

“Me read the Bible? Seriously? As in spend time every day? I want to but I’m sooooo busy. Sure I’m Christian but…”

 Please, please always remember every believer in Christ has the responsibility and privilege to read  and think about (meditate on) the Written Word of God for themselves.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you have the Holy Spirit indwelling you, and that’s all you and I need to understand what we read in the Bible —  ( oh — and by the way that includes the mysterious and sometimes, “scary” book of Revelation ). Just trust you will see exactly what you are supposed to see for that season in your life when you prayerfully read the Bible. If you think you don’t understand it, keep reading, stay with it and it’ll become clearer and clearer as time goes by.

So shall My word be which goes forth from My mouth;
            It shall not return to Me empty,
            Without accomplishing what I desire,
            And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11

We know this next point is based on a very old and worn out cliché, but it’s old because it’s true –

fish day

Too many Christians have been “given a bite of fish to eat”, a little taste of fish every Sunday, maybe another bite of fish during the week, maybe a whole big fish through a book or CD, rather than being encouraged to learn to fish for themselves. GIVE A MAN A FISH AND he eats for a day.TEACH A MAN TO FISH and he eats for a lifetime.

Listen dear ones in addition to tapes and sermons and church teachings, which are GOOD as far as they go, please, please learn to fish for yourself , it’s so important to our Christian walk.  Read the books but STUDY the Written Word, don’t study Christians books and teaching and read a scripture now and then. AND REMEMBER THE RULES!

There are only two;


Always, always, ALWAYS ask God to illuminate scripture for you. Be aware of  the Holy Spirit with you as you read. Listen to His promptings. In John 14: 26, Jesus said the Holy Spirit would teach us all things, and remember spiritual things are spiritually understood.



If you are a Christian never get all your teaching from just one teacher. Our Bible teachers deserve much honor and respect but friends never allow yourself to become a follower of men. Let what your teachers say act as spring-boards to get you going in the right direction, but you read the Bible for yourself. Always remember to question everything, if at all possible learn to use the internet, it’s a gold-mine full of Biblical knowledge (although you have to practice lots of discernment), and be a Berean and check everything out by opening your Bible and looking for yourself. When someone quotes one or two verses and you’re not familiar with that section —then go and read the whole chapter in the Bible.

Are You Sure The Bible Is True?

If you are reading this and are not a Christian yet { yet — as in we are very hopeful you will be ASAP } you need to know what Christians already know, that fulfilled prophecy is the rock solid proof the Bible is truth. This is the very reason why Christians by the way, are so dogged POSITIVE, absolutely, positively, undeniably, categorically, emphatically sure THEIR religion is right and all others are false! Only the God of the Bible has foretold events, even naming names of people hundreds of years before they were born, with 100% accuracy down to the smallest detail.

 Fulfilled prophecy is the rock solid proof the Bible is truth.

As just one example, Biblical scrolls containing portions of Isaiah carbon date to 200 years before Cyrus was born, and yet they not only name him, they predict he would conquer Babylon before Babylon was a great power and worth conquering. That’s pretty awesome, eh? No other so-called “god” can know the end even from the beginning and therefore all other “gods” are proven false.

Three Things To Help Us

Word of advice from “an older (in the faith) Christian”; I have found there are three  things that will help us to understand God’s Word in general and more specifically to understand prophecy. (Prophecy, past and future by the way, makes up 28% of the Bible. Folks who do not study prophecy amaze me, that’s almost one third of the Bible they are ignoring.)

Word of advice #1 The Bible Is NOT A Math Problem

Never treat the Bible as a math problem? What does that mean? It’s not a math problem BUT it is an algebra problem. With a math problem you have to find the answer, but with an algebra problem you already know the answer, you just have to figure out why the answer IS the answer. So it is with questions on how we got here, where did the universe come from, and questions like those — the Bible tells us the answer; God created the earth, the sun, the moon and stars and people. WE don’t have to find the answer, we already know it. And so it is with the future, or what is commonly called, “the end times”, if we own a Bible we have the answers right there in front of us in print but now – — — NOW our job is to figure out HOW these events happened in the past. And concerning the future; how are they going to come about, or sometimes when we’re not sure, how they might happen. But they WILL happen just as God foretold.

Word of advice #2  Take The Words Apart

And the second piece of advice is: take the words apart. Stop and think about every word and the meaning of every word. It’s amazing how many Christians do not do that but instead skip over words. Or because they are common words like love or forgiveness, Christians assume the secular definition is the right one. Take the time to research what BIBLICAL love is, (((is just a feeling?))) Take the time to research BIBLICAL forgiveness, (((does it mean we have to completely restore a relationship like nothing ever happened?))) Those are just two examples of how we must be careful not to let the world define things for us. Also as you read, question things. Who, What, When and Why? Right? Good questions?

Word of Advice #3 : ALWAYS  Remember Who The Center And Hinge-pin Of Prophecy Is.

Jesus the Christ is the very center of prophecy and all of scripture.

He has been given ALL authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28: 18) and He has absolute rule over everything. In Revelation chapter One John hears a voice like a trumpet and when he turns around and sees the resurrected Jesus in all His glory he falls down like one who is dead. Know what kind of bugs me? Sometimes we’ll hear someone say something like:

“Boy when I finally get to meet Jesus I’m going to have a lot of questions I want answers to and we’re going to have a nice long talk.”

To that person I say:

“Uh-huh — maybe you need to get off your high horse, I suspect when the Bible says every knee shall bow before the Lord, it probably means you too, that is if you don’t keel over in a dead faint at the sight of the glorified King first. John knew Jesus while He was on earth as a close friend and yet the poor Apostle fell down and was speechless before Jesus as the Lion of Judah, so I rather doubt any one of us is going to be standing there demanding answers.”

Read the description John gives us of Jesus in verses 13 through 16  of Revelation chapter one and we immediately understand this isn’t the sad, wimpy, strangely feminine looking Jesus medieval art pictures Him as. This is THE King, the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is “the Alpha and the Omega”, the beginning and the end (verse 8) and the first and the last (verse 11). As you probably know “alpha” and “omega” are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.

By the way for those who doubt that Jesus is God, please note that not only does Jesus say that about Himself, but so does God the Father ;

“This is what the Lord, Israel’s king, says,

their protector, the Lord who commands armies:

“I am the first and I am the last,

there is no God but me.

Who is like me? Let him make his claim!

Let him announce it and explain it to me –

since I established an ancient people –

let them announce future events!

Don’t panic! Don’t be afraid!

Did I not tell you beforehand and decree it?

You are my witnesses! Is there any God but me?

There is no other sheltering rock; I know of none.”

(Isaiah 44:6 -8 NET)

Lets all get in the habit of reading and studying our Bibles for at least a few minutes every day. Reading God’s Word is so important to knowing God the Father and our precious Lord, Jesus, for ourselves.

By the way, no excuses, if, for example, you find reading difficult, you could download an audible version of the Bible onto your cell phone, tablet or computer and listen to it every day. Perhaps while driving or better yet, turn the TV off for a little while and spend time hearing God’s Word read to you.

Check for free apps on your cell phone at whatever app store you have or for a free audible Bible online click here.

Be well friends.