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JD Farag

Meet Pastor JD Farag from Hawaii.

Every week Pastor JD spends hours researching and analyzing current news and fitting it together with all that the Bible speaks of what Christians commonly called the “end times”.

Being an American of Middle Eastern descent, he has an insight many prophecy teachers lack, and nails it better than most do. Fear not, he does not set dates for the rapture or second coming of Christ, although is firmly in the camp of the Pre-tribulation Rapture believers. He also strongly believes we are close to the time of the rapture, —– very close.

We agree.




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Knowledge and understanding of the truth are formidable weapons against evil. Give him a listen, you’ll love this guy.



Meet Pastor Steve Cioccolanti from Melbourne Australia

Founded in 2000, Discover Ministries is an Australia-based, globally-minded Christian ministry focused on equipping & inspiring people in the Word of God. In its first decade alone, it reached people in more than 35 nations through its seminars, books, CDs, DVDs, online media and television program.

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti  has this to say about himself and Discover Ministries :

“I am a half-Thai, half-Australian who was born to a family of Buddhists, Catholics, Methodists and Muslims. I lived for 10 years in Thailand, 10 years in America, 15 years in Australia and the remainder sprinkled between France, Canada, Spain and England. I met Jesus when I returned to Thailand, a 95% Buddhist nation.

This journey has given me a unique perspective on culture, missions, evangelism and world religions.”

If you have never listened to Pastor Steve I believe you will find he is an excellent example of outspoken but calm and mild mannered, able to tackle head on the most difficult aspects of Bible prophecy but with a balanced and common sense approach.











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