What We Believe

==We believe there is only one God, an infinite, intelligent Spirit, the Creator and Ruler of all that is in Heaven and earth. He is eternally existent in three Persons: the Father, the Son, ( the Lord Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit —. (Matthew 28:19; Isaiah 48:12, 16-17)

==We believe in both the humanity and deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, begotten of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary to manifest God in a manner that would allow Him to be tempted in all points, yet without sin, so that Christ could take the place of sinners as the perfect Savior. We further believe in His miracles, and in His bodily resurrection, ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory. (John 14:9; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4; Acts 1:11)

==We believe the Holy Spirit (Third Person of the Trinity) is Comforter, Helper, Spiritual Guide and Teacher.

==We believe in the supernatural, inerrant inspiration of God’s revelatory Word (2 Peter 1:20). And the 66 books of the Holy Bible (combined Jewish & Christian Canons) of Genesis through Revelation are the authoritative Word of God, profitable for doctrine, rebuke, correction, and instruction in righteousness, able to render the man or woman of God complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16)

==By inerrancy of the Word, we mean that the original, God-breathed writings (on stone, clay, leather, papyrus, or parchment), which no longer exist, were perfectly accurate in every respect.  From these original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, Jewish scribes and early Christians meticulously created numerous copies.  Through the art and science of historical textual analysis, and by comparing numerous numbers of copies, experts have been able to recreate highly-accurate texts.

==We also believe we should seek the normal, plain sense meaning of the text first and realize that even symbols and figurative sayings have literal meanings behind them. If literal interpretation is not used in studying the Scriptures, there is no objective standard by which to understand the Bible. Instead each and every person would be able to interpret the Bible as he saw fit, and Biblical interpretation would devolve into “what this passage says to me…” instead of “the Bible says…” . Sadly, this is already the case in much of what is called Biblical interpretation today.

==We believe that the Scriptures interpreted in their natural and literal sense reveal divinely determined dispensations or rules of life which define man’s responsibilities in successive ages. These dispensations are not ways of salvation, but rather are divinely ordered methods of stewardship by which God directs man according to His purpose. Three of these dispensations- the Law, the Church, and the Kingdom- are the subjects of detailed revelation in Scripture. (Gen. 1:28; I Cor. 9:17; II Cor. 3:9-18; Gal. 3:13-25; Eph. 1:10, 3:2-10; Col. 1:24-25, 27; Rev. 20:2-6)

==We believe it is important to continue the Scriptural practices of the early Church. For this reason, we embrace the practice of water baptism and the taking of communion in commemoration of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ for the sins of the believer. While neither of these practices is essential for salvation, they nevertheless serve as a demonstration of genuine faith in Christ. (1 Peter 3:21; Ephesians 2:8)

==We believe the Church is associated with Christ in heaven; Israel is associated with Him on earth. While God’s purposes about the earth were being unfolded, the mystery of the Church was hidden. While the mystery of the Church is presently being unfolded, the purposes about the earth are temporarily suspended. The Church knows Him as the Suffering Servant and Israel will know Him as the Lion of Judah in His exaltation and power. The Church rejoices in Him as the Bride does in her Bridegroom; Israel will rejoice in Him as a nation in her Sovereign King. The Church looks for Him to take her to Heaven; Israel looks for Him to establish her in the earth. God’s glory in Christ will be manifest with a perfect government in the earthly sphere, with the nation of Israel at its center.  Also God’s glory in Christ will be manifest with spiritual blessings in the heavenly sphere, the Bride and Bridegroom with Christ as Head, as its center.

==We believe in the bodily resurrection of both the  righteous and the unrighteous, (Acts 24: 15, Revelation 20) We believe in the pre-tribulation, 6th Seal rapture of the Church, and we encourage one another to live according to the expectation that Christ may come any moment. (Titus 2:13) We believe however, having the correct belief on the timing of the rapture is not essential to salvation.

==We believe that our human existence begins at conception and that all life has intrinsic value. (Psalms 139:13-14; John 3:16)

==We believe in the central role of the family in God’s work and plan for this age, and that the institution of marriage (between one man and one woman) is sacred to God. (Gen 2:24)

==We believe civil government has no spiritual authority over the believer, but civil government is of divine appointment and is to be obeyed in secular matters.

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