Revival Has Begun

I bring you good news from the great state of Texas. 


A little backstory first…

For sometime many American Christians have understood how close we came to losing our country in November of 2016. But God —– but God chose in His infinite mercy to give us another chance. 

And we have known Donald Trump wasn’t the answer but he was God’s choice to be a wedge in the door that was rapidly closing on America so that we would have a little more time, a window of opportunity, so to speak, to call this nation back to God. 

Donald Trump wasn’t the answer but revival was. 

And the seeds of revival have started growing in Houston Texas — YES IT HAS BEGUN –and the world is watching it happen on their nightly news. 

Did we think it would start when people go back to church in droves, those churches that,  half of which, have nothing but stale old bread to offer, and folks are leaving in droves? 


Did we think it would start because a church here and there tries to orchestrate revival but throwing up a sign that proclaims. —  “Revival, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights”, —  and then a week later everything goes back to the way it was, and no one remembers what was preached those three nights? 


Did we assume we would know it when we see it because it would be exactly as other revivals in the past have been? 

Does it have to be? Or can God do a new thing?   

I submit to you…

Revival starts when people remember their love and once again actively love their neighbor as themselves. 

Revival starts when people don’t give a thought to color, creed, or religion, they just want to reach out to others and help them. 

Revival starts when people are unified with one heart and mind, and they find common ground rather than seeing a 100 things that divide them. 

Revival starts when people turn to God and pray and are not afraid to say they are praying.  Nor are they afraid to ask for prayers. 


We are seeing it in Houston and along the Gulf Coast with the aftermath of the horrific Hurricane Harvey damage. People pouring out love, so much love,  strangers helping strangers, neighbors helping neighbors and people showing tremendous generosity. 

Please pray that the Lord Who multipled the loaves to feed 5000, will multiply this love for one another, this willingness to be the Hands and Feet  of Jesus that has begun in Houston until it spreads across America. 

Pray that America stops listening and believing the propaganda from the MSM that tells us we are racist, divided, and self absorbed. 

No we are not.  

We are Americans, a kind, giving generous people and most of all, a people of faith. We are the folks flocking into South Texas and Louisiana. We are the people in great need of, and in great expectation of revival. 

We are a people who revival has come upon. 

Hallelujah! Praise God.