Stuff For Christian Kids

Here’s some resources for kids that have things to do and videos to watch. There’s this one:


And another fun site with tons of links is actually put together by a kid. Here is what she says:

Our picks for the best places on the web for Christian kids like us to visit for fun, games, learning, and devotions. Every site recommended here has a Christian world view, some are denominational (most aren’t), and all are safe, fun and Mom-approved.
Yes, I’m really just a kid like you. My brother Andy dreamed up this idea. He’s grown up, now, but he was only twelve when we started. I’m Bea, the little sister who is finding the new web sites, now. I just graduated high school and I work at the Creation Museum! Sometimes I take care of little kiddos and I’ve been a junior counsellor at CEF camp. I like to try out Christian web sites and I’m still a little kid at heart 🙂

If you have toddlers, tweens, or teens check them out.