Best Article On Prayer EVER!

This article on illegal prayer is a must read

excerpt …It’s this kind of illegal praying that Jesus advocates in His parable of the midnight visit. He is intimating, “You have a relationship with God. Go illegal. Break the law. Forget the rules. Push the envelope. Violate protocol. Demand attention. Brook no denial.”

Jesus’ message here is startling: “You’re a beloved friend—a child of God. So ditch propriety. Go for the jugular; call the question; press the point; strain the relationship; despise political correctness; contravene convention; test the limits; cross the line; throw caution to the wind; pray illegal prayers.”

When you start praying like this, you might want to keep your voice down. Because if your neighbor overhears you, he’ll probably fear for a lightning strike. “You shouldn’t talk to God like that!”

Your response can be simple: “I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to my Friend.”

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