Revival Has Begun

I bring you good news from the great state of Texas. 


A little backstory first…

For sometime many American Christians have understood how close we came to losing our country in November of 2016. But God —– but God chose in His infinite mercy to give us another chance. 

And we have known Donald Trump wasn’t the answer but he was God’s choice to be a wedge in the door that was rapidly closing on America so that we would have a little more time, a window of opportunity, so to speak, to call this nation back to God. 

Donald Trump wasn’t the answer but revival was. 

And the seeds of revival have started growing in Houston Texas — YES IT HAS BEGUN –and the world is watching it happen on their nightly news. 

Did we think it would start when people go back to church in droves, those churches that,  half of which, have nothing but stale old bread to offer, and folks are leaving in droves? 


Did we think it would start because a church here and there tries to orchestrate revival but throwing up a sign that proclaims. —  “Revival, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights”, —  and then a week later everything goes back to the way it was, and no one remembers what was preached those three nights? 


Did we assume we would know it when we see it because it would be exactly as other revivals in the past have been? 

Does it have to be? Or can God do a new thing?   

I submit to you…

Revival starts when people remember their love and once again actively love their neighbor as themselves. 

Revival starts when people don’t give a thought to color, creed, or religion, they just want to reach out to others and help them. 

Revival starts when people are unified with one heart and mind, and they find common ground rather than seeing a 100 things that divide them. 

Revival starts when people turn to God and pray and are not afraid to say they are praying.  Nor are they afraid to ask for prayers. 


We are seeing it in Houston and along the Gulf Coast with the aftermath of the horrific Hurricane Harvey damage. People pouring out love, so much love,  strangers helping strangers, neighbors helping neighbors and people showing tremendous generosity. 

Please pray that the Lord Who multipled the loaves to feed 5000, will multiply this love for one another, this willingness to be the Hands and Feet  of Jesus that has begun in Houston until it spreads across America. 

Pray that America stops listening and believing the propaganda from the MSM that tells us we are racist, divided, and self absorbed. 

No we are not.  

We are Americans, a kind, giving generous people and most of all, a people of faith. We are the folks flocking into South Texas and Louisiana. We are the people in great need of, and in great expectation of revival. 

We are a people who revival has come upon. 

Hallelujah! Praise God. 

Obama: Born in Kenya or USA? Or both?

On March 9th, 2017 Malik Obama, older half brother of Barack Obama tweeted out a photo of a Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama with the comment:

“Surely. What’s this? “

It’s interesting that Malik Obama chooses the same week as the Wiki-leaks dump of CIA documents to come popping up with this birth certificate, interesting to me anyway because I have long had a theory that ties in with this.

First let me say I believe Barack Hussein Obama WAS ABSOLUTLEY BORN IN HAWAII.

I also believe he was groomed by the CIA from a young age to be President —-but not of the USA. Not at first anyway. I think the original plan was that he serve a couple of terms as a United State Senator from Illinois and then run as president of —– KENYA.

According to this article by Jerome R. Corsi on August 4, 2010 Kenya ratified a new constitution stating that a person no longer has to be born in Kenya to be a citizen by birth as long as either the mother or father is/was a citizen, nor does a person lose their citizenship if they acquire citizenship of another country.

Incidentally, then sitting President, Obama, spent 23 million of US taxpayers money to support the ratification of the new Kenyan constitution— (yeah I thought you’d love that part. )

And of course a president of Kenya has to have Kenyan citizenship by birth. No problem for Obama now that he is no longer the US president and since his father was a Kenyan citizen but up until August 2010 Obama, or any other would be president would have had to actually been born on Kenyan soil, which would be a problem for someone born in Hawaii.

But wait — what if the CIA could create and plant a fake birth certificate? (( — hmmm you think the CIA could do that?))  and of course some story could always be concocted about how Stanley Ann Dunham and Obama Sr came to be back in Kenya when the baby was born.

In other words my theory is the Kenyan birth certificate is a fake, but it’s a “real fake”, perhaps created by the CIA and that was planted in the Kenyan archives back when Obama was supposed to run for president of Kenya.

What happened to change everything in 2007, or some say as early as 2006, when Harry Reid approached Obama about running for President of the United States?

Did the “powers that be” decide America was ready to have a black “hope and change” leader that would create so many problems for America that it would have to culminate in a One World Government, as only they would have the power to solve them?

Did he go rogue? Did Michelle decide she couldn’t tolerate living in Kenya?

I don’t know.

But that’s my theory and it does neatly explain why Obama allowed his book review bio to read “born in Kenya” for 16 years without ever correcting it. (


Also here the AP reported he was born in Kenya.


Could it be Obama wanted people to believe he was born in Kenya?


Here is Joel Gilberts interview with Malik Obama, from April 2015


Its sad when Malik Obama

talks about how he and Barack Obama were so close and now he feels like he and in fact, the entire Kenyan family have been dumped. He clearly doesn’t understand why. Is it possible that once Barack Obama saw he didn’t need them anymore he couldn’t be bothered with them?


I’m just putting it out there. If it resounds with you then take it, no credit needed, if not, then ignore it.




In the next few days, if not already, you are going to hear of some startlingly things happening in America. The internet is full of revelations about the Clinton Foundation, the wiki-leaks, election fraud, the 30,000 plus emails deleted from Hillary’s computer (that are now found), the “pay for play” the Clintons and their co-horts  were involved in—sex trafficking, spirit cooking, satanic rituals, basically the most vile and evil things that can be done.


For many of us this is far, FAR worse than even we could have imagined, but once over the initial shock, it is simply CONFIRMATION of what we have suspected for years and was trying to warn others about.

***( a personal note to family and friends, oh by the way guys, I could add, trying to warn you as I was sometimes being called a conspiracy theorist, and brushed aside as being slightly delusional and overly excitable —- but if you’re awake now, you’re forgiven, I love you and there’s no hard feelings, 🙂 —-are we good?)

I am going to post some links to videos right here in the midst of this letter that explains this mess going on for those who still watch only the Corporate Main Stream Media and may not know what is swirling around like a storm. If you don’t know —watch, otherwise skip:


note to add: ( this wasn’t the original video posted here, it has since been removed from you-tube,  but this is from the same time period and even better.)

If you watched the above video, or have already been made aware of the events, for some of you, you have been startled awake by all of this. And I’m guessing you may be confused and don’t know what to think. Keep reading, I hope to try and help a little.

For some of you —you might be saying to yourself, “yes I heard about it but this is stupid, sounds like some movie from never-never land”, and are ready to stop reading (if you haven’t already).  Okay,  that’s fine, I still love you, and in all reality if you feel that way, then really you SHOULD stop reading at this point and go back to sleep.

Because no matter what you have heard, for some folks —ignorance sometimes IS bliss.

And unfortunately some of you will read through this looking for what you can argue with, ridicule or get angry and offended at. That is your choice. I will not be drawn into an argument though; I don’t have the desire to argue, or the time or the energy for it right now.

But for those of you who are awake, I’d like to share a theory I have about the Star Wars movies.


No, no, just listen– I have a theory about Star Wars. I think the reason the first movie became so wildly popular not only in the USA but around the world and its popularity endured from one generation to the next isn’t really because it has awesome graphics and interesting characters, although it certainly has that. But instead it’s because it stunningly portrays that universal theme of a great cosmic battle between good and evil. And that resonates with all of us on one level or another. We all know, even if only subconsciously that such a war is constantly being fought and we, (like it or not), are all in it.

We see this war being waged around us every day with good trying to restrain evil with law and order and justice. But sometimes it seems dark and like evil has so completely won we have literally lost it all.


It has become apparent America has quite the little nest of vipers that have moved into the highest offices of our nation.

To some of us who have a Biblical viewpoint it also seems it’s possible that America is now being sifted like wheat just as Peter was, if it’s possible, that is, for entire nations to be sifted. In Luke 22 : 31-32 when our Lord Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat;  but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and you, when once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.”

It’s important to understand two things about this:

  • Satan would not have demanded to sift Peter and the other Apostles unless he saw the potential they had to someday wreak havoc on his dark kingdom.
  • And what was really being sifted wasn’t whether Peter would fail, but whether his faith would remain intact.

And so it’s important to note that faith that endures is what the Lord Jesus prayed for. I want to drive home that point so I’ll repeat it. Jesus did not pray that Peter wouldn’t deny him, for he would, and Jesus already knew that beforehand,, but that HIS FAITH WOULD NOT FAIL after he had.

That’s really the ultimate test of all humans—“What do I have faith in when everything is dark with failure all around me and I can’t begin to understand what is going on? Do I even have faith in ANYTHING at all any more, or is everything lost? ”

Some are saying this is the end of America, but I say, no, it is not.


America, America, she has entered some horribly dark and stormy seas. We all feel the storm raging. These are uncertain and fearful times.

But do not forget our Forefathers anchored this ship to God through prayer and through their every written document before they ever set her out to sail. And every generation since has renewed that commitment to our Creator. The enemy of our souls would have us, and the world at large, believe he has successfully and finally driven God out of our nation and out of our hearts. The song that sings out — “America is a godless nation”, has been sung so loudly and so many times we sometimes are tempted to believe it ourselves.

That is, until we remember 9-11.

I have often wondered if 9-11 wasn’t a little test on the part of the devil to see if we would turn away from God in the aftermath of such horror. Would we get mad at God for not protecting us? Would we turn into a pack of crazed animals and kill every Middle Eastern looking person in retaliation? Would we turn on each other out of fear of what might be coming next? How would we react?

We are not perfect and we had some mis-steps after 9-11 but, overall, would you not agree we turned to God and we remembered we are a nation built on the rule of law? Was there one main street in any city or town, anywhere in America that didn’t have dozens of God Bless America signs and billboards? Did we not remind each other a 1000 times to pray, just pray? And while there may have been some incidents that struck fear in Islamic folk’s hearts we did not become a mob bent on revenge.

Our forefathers anchored this nation to God and our love of Him and on that horrific day of 9-11 the anchor held.


It’s a miraculous thing when we respond to God’s love us and start to love Him right back. We want to get to know Him, His ways and perhaps the most astounding thing is we find that love starting to radiate out to others.

A litmus test of what we truly love is simply to ask “what or who do I pray for the most often?”

Do we not pray for our children, our families, our country, our troops, and our law enforcement? Do we not pray for strength, courage, peace and God’s mercy? Then that is what Americans love. And those prayers and that love also becomes part of that anchor that will see us through the storms.

If you are feeling lost and in deep despair over all this, keep the faith, hit a knee and PRAY and remember that anchor to God and to our love for Him and all else dear to us will not fail. Trust God. Trust in our warriors that we pray for, those who lay their lives on the line to protect us and our nation. The folks at the top, the elite, do not represent the rank and file of the FBI, or any other agency of our government, just as the elite do not represent all Americans, or even the vast majority of Americans.


This is going on now. No matter what happens, do not resort to violence and retribution. The wheels of justice will turn; there is no going back now.


It is always darkest before the dawn. We will get through this, there will be after much soul searching and self examination in the dark nights of the soul of this nation but I believe it will result in a new dawn.

And when the dawn shines forth we will say…THE ANCHOR HOLDS!